Trying to replace underscore with space in table value mapping

Hey There!

I’m currently on Grafana v9.2.7 working on a dashboard with a table view:

I’m trying to remove the underscores. I used the transform in other graphs, but for the trable i’ve used the series to rows transform, so i moved the regex i’m using to filter out the value from “locationname=” but now i’m trying to add the other regex i have to replace the underscores with spaces

I can’t seem to get a space in the display text, and when trying to use other replacements like ‘-’ just to see if the /_+/g regex is working doesn’t seem to give the replacement either.
This regex did work in the rename by regex function before. So what am i doing wrong?

Welcome @Matthijs

What is your data source

We’re using a graphite data source.

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Isn’t there anyone with this problem ?:frowning: