Transpose a table in Grafana

I have the table below
|UNICAST Total|1179|
|MULTICAST Total|7107|
|UNICAST Failed|107|
|MULTICAST Failed|754|

How do I transpose it using transform or other to the below?


Hi @hatman,

What datasource are you using, and what version of grafana?

Can you include any screenshots of your table?

Hi @mattabrams pic attached of the table i have.
data source is elastic search.
version is 7.5.7.
tks, appreciate your reply.

ok, great, thanks.

Can I ask: why are you trying to transform this data? In other words, what are you trying to achieve and why?

I ask because Grafana’s data frame model is columnar oriented, and was originally designed to visualize time-series data.

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to answer your question on what and why, I wanted to create a table like the transposed in the pic so I could easily create a success rate in the columns.

Maybe I am not using grafana as it was meant. tks I will look into the data frames.

not necessarily. Grafana can support non time-series data like this, to varying degrees. What are your elastic queries, out of interest?

I’d also take a look at all these example dashboards built using Elastic queries.

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AND farmId:*
AND payload.deviceRequestResponseEvent.payloadType:COMMAND_REQUEST_TYPE

example query, the query is just count of certain criteria. the above would be query A and then I would have another queryB …query N and then just calculate on them accordingly using transforms in grafana.

Ok. I would also suggest checking out the new Bar Chart that is getting released with Grafana 8. It is designed to handle non-time series data: