Transformation to multiply several stat values

Grafana 10.0.3
Zabbix data-source 4.4.0

I have a query that returns several metrics from some monitored Jobs.

Using the “Dashboard” data-source, I’m using the same query on some different panels and filtering the displayed data. I apply different filters using the Filter by name transformation.

So, each panel uses the same query, but with different transformations.

One of the Stat panels uses a “unixtime” value and should display date and time. So, the unit is set as Datetime local.

When this type of unit is selected, it seems that Grafana sees the value as miliseconds, not seconds, and converts the value to the wrong date-time.

I could use the “scale()” function to multiply the value by 1000, but the issue is that the panel uses a query from another panel. Therefore, I cannot use that function.

I thought about adding a different transformation for this panel, but I could not find one for this specific multiplication.
Do you have any idea how to do this?

i think you will run into other issues, but to answer your question (i think) the Add Field from calculation transform may do what your after.

ie here im multiplying the values by 8: (note you can do a few of these if you have more than 1x query returning data)