Trailing zeros when 2 decimal places for a number

Hello together,

If I define 2 decimal places for a number in the panel and set Unit to Locale, I will not get any trailing zeros if the number does not have a value after the decimal place. Is that a bug and can I solve it?

thanks for help :slight_smile:

what is your datasource? and what is the data type of that column in that datasource.
Also can you share a sampling of data

I have the following configuration:

Data source is JSON


Convert to String with Unit = Local format and Decimal = 2


desired result should be with 0 attached


What locale is this?

Local format is Germany.

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only probably way is to use jsonata as follows. I cant get it to implement that format

which uses xpath standard

Thanks for the tip. You’re right, I haven’t found a way to integrate the $formatNumber function with the JSONata path. :frowning:

This might be a way to do it. You just need to figure out what you can use after the picture, the option parameters as key value
Formatnumber(value, picture,option)