To have a dedicated IP


We have buy a Team license for 1 month.

I need to have only one dedicated IP.

It’s already included in this license ?

if no, where I can add this option ?
if yes, where I can found the IP ?

Thank you in advance,

@qa-airl Hello - we are not able to assist with static IPs via the forum (we need to know account and some other potentially sensitive info).

Please reach out to our support team in app so and that we can assist with this inquiry further.

Thank you

The support K6 has sent me a monthly team plan with a static IP, and I paid this update (Invoice No.:3047592).

I sent this information at the support there is 4 hours, to get the IP, but for the moment I didn’t have a feedback of the support.

(I will use 299VUs for the region Paris-France)

Do you know the delay of answer of the support?
Can I find this dedicated IP in the App?

Today I have to send this dedicated IP, at a devops team, to open a firewall.

Thank you in advance

Hi again - As stated above we are not able to assist with static IPs via this forum. Please contact support to discuss this further.