Pricing following the VU and Firewall to open


I have 2 questions

Question 1:
We have a client where we need to have load & stress test directly on PROD environment (the client didn’t want a preprod …)

We have :
VU (average) = 33,52
VU (max/spike) = 253,33

what is the best pricing to have for the K6 Cloud?
team pricing?

Question 2:
My second question is about the security

We will run the load testing & stress tests on the PROD environment

But the client have akamai and he want not stop akamai during the run

Do we have an user agent or an IP to whitelist for akamai ?

thank you in advance

Hi @qa-airl

Question 1: If you will need to emulate ~253 concurrent users at peak then yes you will need the team plan to reach this level of concurrency. Without knowing full details of your requirements, it’d probably advisable to test a bit beyond 253 to ensure there is some room for exceeding your targets in this environment. This should give your client some comfort knowing that they will perform beyond peak load.

Question 2: You can set custom user agents with the user agent option for the entire test: Options reference

Alternatively - the cloud also has some other methods for whitelisting which you may want to explore: k6 Cloud Documentation

If whitelisting user agents does not work, we do offer static IPs if necessary - those carry an additional cost starting at $30/IP/month. I’d recommend to start with the User Agent method though since it’s built in/ easy to set / free.