K6 Load zone ip address

Hello team,

I was using k6 for load testing in my project . This turned out to be super useful for me
But I had a scenario where I need to make HTTP.get Call to our endpoint which can be accessed via whitelisted IP.

SO when I run k6 run abc.js in local it pass for me as my ip is whitelisted
But when I run k6 cloud abc.js , it shows 403 as the k6 cloud runs the code and the IP may not. Be whitelisted

So my question is :

1 – Do we have any IP address available for my project which I can use to whitelist and then run my code?
2- is there a work around? As I want to run on different load zones which can be achieved by cloud . Or can we run different load zones via local?
3 - if i am running :
distribution: {
distributionLabel1: { loadZone: ‘amazon:gb:london’, percent: 100 }

do i need to whitelist london aws ipv6 and should work for me?


Hi @Harshsahay,

Have you had a look at Cloud IPs? I think it can help you out in this situation.

Let me know if that helps, or if you have further doubts.