K6 if dont get support from the community how would we can use the K6

I have been facing the issue since few weeks and could not find any solution. documentation is very minimal. how would i use if i dont get any help from community.

we don’t know whom to ask, how to get the issue resolve.i have posted my problem but i didnt get any help from so far.

I have to finish the POC to use this tool as performance tool. if i dont get any help how would i continue to use for performance testing.

Please help me community on my issue.

Hi @bikshamar,

This forum is a community where people spend time supporting each other for free. As a result, one shouldn’t expect nor require any short-time response.
One of the best ways to get a timely answer to your questions and feedback on your usage of k6 is to ensure you write high-quality questions. That means making sure the content of your post is formatted correctly, written in correct English, and offers as much context around the problem you’re encountering as possible. Don’t hesitate to detail the solutions you’ve tried and analyze why they didn’t lead to a successful outcome to you.
We will close this thread as we don’t find it to match the above expectations. Feel free to give it another shot while keeping your expectations aligned with what this support forum can offer.

Regarding the documentation, if you think it lacks in terms of arguments then please point out which specific section you would see expanded. You can directly open a new issue in the documentation repository.