Timezone parameter in Grafana URL not working

I am trying to pull Grafana dashboard as a panel iframe but I get the results in my browser’s timezone whereas I want timestamp to be in EST (UTC-5).

Here is the URL string I am working with. We are using Grafana 7.3.7 in our company.


Could you please provide suggestions on this.

I have the same issue, I guess.
Using the URL var “&tz=UTC+02:00” or “&tz=Europe/Zurich” nothing happens.
Do you find a solution?
Can somebody help us?
Thank you

Did anybody solve this?

Unfortunately it seems that this “feature which doesn’t work” (is that the
same as a bug?) is not worthy of being fixed:

“This feature request has been open for a long time with few received upvotes
or comments, so we are closing it.”


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