Temporary Time Zone setting via URL parameter?

My server is running Grafana 9.2.3. I’m working on a proof of concept for an international firm with sites around the world. We’d like to have a dashboard with various stats, always shown in the site’s local timezone. We know how to change the browser settings, but don’t want to be doing this many times a day. I can’t find a way to override the browser timezone via the URL. E.g. adding &tz=UTC+9. Any such override should take over from the users setting only when in the URL, otherwise it should display whatever the user has set.

The dashboard in question will be loaded by clicking on a master site list, the URL passing a site code variable for the SQL select.

Is there any way to do this in 9.2.3? If not, would it be possible to log this as a feature request, please?

And Grafana developers able to comment? If any think it possible, I’d like to talk about supporting the dev costs.