Timeseries values in Grafana are higher than Postgresql

Hi there ,

I have Grafana and PosgreSQL working together in a Docker network.

I use Grafana to plot Bitcoin 15 minute data taken from an SQL table.

The time series are not perfectly extracted once in 15 minutes because I extract them with Python from a web page and the web page response varies a bit . I write them in SQL after extraction. But i don’t think that should pose an issue for Grafana. The data format in PgSQL is Timestamp.

My query in Grafana looks like this :

“Datetime” AS “time”,
FROM top500_crypto_minute_level
$__timeFilter(“Datetime”) AND
“Coin_Acronim” = ‘BTC’
ORDER BY 1 ‘’’

The table values returned by Grafana show bigger values for the extracted time series compared to the values in PgSQL for the same timeseries.

I don’t understand why this is happening. Basically Grafana pumps up my numbers.