Timeseries Name from Influxdb

Hi there,
i have a problem. i have a InfluxDB where i get a “percentage” value from many results, so now i have a second filed where the name of the percentage is written to. how can i use that name in grafana for displaying reasons?
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So i have a influxdb with:
Timestamp - Name - Percentage
i want to display this in a BarChart and the Name should be the lable

Hi @matzeeg3 ,

I am not sure but you can simply use the Grafana → Explore and then first build the query for e.g.

SELECT mean("used_percent") FROM "autogen"."disk" WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time(1m), "path" fill(null)

OR use your own template to create it.

Then use the Bar Graph to view it.

Now regarding the name, you can name it as an Alias e.g.

Hope it helps

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