How to name my Grafana table Row in names

I currently using a Home Assistant and pulling sensor data to the influx. I use grafana to pull data from the influx and show different sensor names and data. but I unable to achieve it. I can pull data and join them according to the labels (Alias).


Can you share a portion of the data as viewed in Influx? What query did you use to produce the table of values that you shared above?


Thank you for your reply please refer to the attached images.

I included Screenshots of my grafana and influx db. mu influx db values will be recieved from different sensor.

Hi @mohamedsudais360

It appears from your screenshots that when you set up InfluxDB in Grafana, you selected InfluxQL, instead of Flux. See the link below, and in particular this section:

Once you the above resolved, you will be able to paste your Flux query (below) into Grafana and it should work as it does in Influx Data Explorer.


Dear @grant2 ,
I follow your instruction accordingly. I was able to build my query in the influx DB and see the values.
but when I try to paste the exact codes in Grafana it’s not working.
please refer to the attached images. Thank you!

Is your influxdb data source in grafana configured as influxql or flux? Check the influxdb data source

Currently, it’s Influx Data source and can we change to Flux Data source for home Assistance.
Please refer to the attach image for my data source


Using the Gear >> Data Sources >> (your InfluxDB datasource that contains your data)

What do you see under Query Language? InfluxQL or Flux? It should be Flux.

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