Timepicker - no data - block future dates / always chart the last data


Using Grafana opensource 10.2

I have a dashboard that defaults its time period from now-2d to now.

a few of my charts use Last* instance metric (ex CPU % dial)

There are two problems around the end time from the time picker.

  1. if the zoom out is clicked, the end time becomes a future date. The chart shows no data.
    This makes sense because the future date hasnt reported data.

  2. my database is fed data every two minutes from multiple sources. Therefore “now” from where grafana is connected for the db is = this exact moment (minute/second) but the data has not yet arrived. Refreshing the chart in 2 minutes brings the data in and everything charts properly.

Some solutions could be: (are any of these possible?)
A. block future dates on the time picker? so its always now or eariler - never have a future date.
B. force “now” to be the last known data available date? max date from db
C. is there a way to configure the charts / query to always pull the last found data which might be bit earlier than the “now” value.