Using a fixed time period instead of time picker

Hello All,
I’m using Grafana to visualize TimeScale (postgres) data , and I was wondering whether it is possible to plot a graph without the time picker in the top right, but instead using a fixed time range.

Basically i want to set the time period to the last time period when data is available, instead of now (minus 7 days for example).

For now I created 2 variables, $maxdate and $mindate, but when running this query, I still get the time range on the x axes using the time picker, so basically I get a part of the graph, since the UI is not scaling along.

I unchecked the time picker to be visual, but the functionality is still there, so that does not help.

I also tried to use the relative time option, and changing the now variable into my $maxdate, but that does not work either. I hop you guys can help me.