Timeline graph with "wrong" data.... can it be noise?


Im setting up my first grafana, reads data from influxDB
Grafana and influx runs on my Home Assistant

Version I have is the latest, installed yesterday.

I try to log a bee hive scale, Arduino based on ESP32, all seems to work, I get data but there is probably noise, I have no clue why.

Scale reading is around 43 Kg (HA view)

Here is my graph:

As you can see it logs up to 6000 Kg.

Can you share tip for how to “clean this”?

Here is my SQL

SELECT max(“value”) FROM “autogen”.“Kg” WHERE (“entity_id” = ‘kube_1_vekt’ AND “entity_id” = ‘kube_1_vekt’) AND time >= now() - 6h and time <= now() GROUP BY time(30s) fill(null)