How to set - inaccurate data energy meter?

I have something interesting, like a daily rain counter.
In HA it shows me correctly - 10.69mm / d
in InfluxDb correctly - 10.69mm / d
but Grafana shows only - 6.29mm / d

same consumption measurement, HA and InfluxDb of the same value - Grafana always less.
HA or InfluxDb 5,674 kWh
Grafana 3,808 kWh

don’t know where the problem is?
For example, the rainfall - some delay is not possible, the value does not change for the next 12 hours, and yet Grafana always shows less.

Please show us the queries you are performing:

a) in InfluxDB

b) in Grafana

Please also tell us something about the data you have, such as:

  1. how often are measurements made?

  2. what are the original units of measurement?

  3. how many sample meansurements do you get in one day?

Help us to understand the data you have and the way/s in which it is being
queried, then we might understand something that helps with resolving the


My English is very bad, it uses a translator. I’m sending some pictures.
It is a measurement of rainfall.
Home assistan 26.39 - OK
InfluxDB 26.39 OK.
Grafana 15.4 KO!
I’m wrong, I don’t know what.

and the last thing that bothers me:

you don’t know what to do with it?

so I already know where I made a mistake.