Time series chart visualisation dont match the source table data

Hallo colleaques

I am having problem with Grafana time series visualisation

my source data are SQL then I have there temperature data each minute

I have SQL query and when I see it in table view it looks OK.

But timeseries chart view looks strange and one value is not matching.

can you pls advise what can be reason ?
EDIT-> I just spotted that the problem table view shows real date-time as in source data

but timeseries chart is not showing last 2 hours, because they are shifted 2 hours ( my timezone is +2h UTC)

source data are already in my timezone …so probably I need to fix the query …but not sure how


thank you for reply, tomas


  1. Save your datetime column to utc
  2. In your query convert dstetime to utc using a swl function

thank you,

my colleaque helped me and we adjusted it like this …but will try also with your way

DATEDIFF(SECOND,‘1970-01-01’, DATEADD(hh, DATEDIFF(hh, GETDATE(), GETUTCDATE()),datetime)) as time,

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