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Hello, I need my graph to compare sessions from this month to last month for example, how does one go about doing this? I have played around with every single variable possible and intervals but we want it to change upon user selection of time range on the top right. I can write queries that force it such as -

SELECT $__timeGroup(date, ‘24h’), sum(sessions) as sessions_30d
FROM ourchart

but this defeats the purpose of the dynamic possibility on the top right date range selection and ALSO it falls off the chart if not selected a larger range from the top right. How does one do this? I have tried with $__timeFrom() AND $__timeTo() also and the interval variable and the timeframe variable. Any help/advice appreciated, thanks.

Assuming you’re using MySQL here, could you try using the __unixEpochFrom() and __unixEpochTo() variables and do date-based arithmetic with those?

between $__unixEpochFrom() - (30 * 86400) and $__unixEpochTo() - (30 * 86400)

I’m pretty new to grafana myself so I don’t know it would work, but seems worth testing. Per the docs, __unixEpochFrom() and __unixEpochTo() “Will be replaced by the (start|end) of the currently active time selection”


Thank you so much! I’m using postgresql but its very similar, just tried this variation too and its a no go :frowning: I tried a few different variations of doing that and even adding a few more postgresql query codes near it but nothing seems to budge. Thank you!!

I should have used __unixEpochFrom() and __unixEpochTo() in order to work with the seconds. Edit my first reply.

Sorry it didn’t work!

No problem!! I appreciate any help :slight_smile: Yeah for my exact scenario the unixepochfrom/to doesnt work because our data is in timestamps also >_<

convert the time stamps to epoch? pretty simple with UNIX_TIMESTAMP() function in mysql

I am using postgreSQL but thanks

and when I try the postgresql method I get this error - pq: operator does not exist: timestamp with time zone >= double precision

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