Time display changed after update


i made the common issue and updated a perfectly running system. (yes it´s true never touch a running system)
I updated my RaspberryPi 4 where influxdb and grafana is running.

Before date and time have not been like this. If i trust my mind it was only the date or the time was next to the date. At the end it was lookung as it should and not messed up like now.

My query is following:
SELECT difference(max(“value”)) FROM “Tasmota_Strom/Zählerstand” WHERE time>now()-1w and time <= now() group by time(1d) tz(‘Europe/Berlin’)

What did i do until now:
I changed group by time to 24h instead of 1d → no change

I changed the column width but it did not solve the problem:

Changing the width via “mouse” in the frontend did also not do the trick.

Any help is welcome. I would be happy if there would just be the date without time.

Thanks in advance,

Can you inspect your raw request and response?

You have not said what Grafana version you are using but from v7.2 onwards you can set a system-wide date/time format in the .ini file, see here.

You can also set the format of individual fields on panels by defining a custom unit override for example enter:

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