TIG Stack - mail alerting best practise


I have few question about mail alerting in grafana using TIG Stack. I want to simply replace Zabbix monitoring to Grafana. My environment is mainly Windows Server virtual machines. I am using dashboard “Telegraf & Influx Windows Host Overview” (LINK: https://grafana.com/grafana/dashboards/1902) and it works great, graphs are really beautifull but after starting using I wonder that there is some limitation about Alerting, e.g Template variables are not supported in alert queries". If I remove variables alert is working but there is not scalable.
What I have for now is dupplicated dashboard only for alerts. On every graph I need to manually add query and alert. It is really annoying when I need to add another virtual machine for alerting e.g CPU Usage (For example if I want to alerting C: and D: disks on 20 machines I need to manually add 20 queries for C: and 20 queries for D: and modify alert for 40 queries).
My question is how can I make it easier e.g like in Zabbix (template for linux/windows + triggers). Is that even possible or there is a limitation in Grafana?

Unfortunately, variables are not currently supported in Grafana alerts.

If the alerts are the same in each dashboard, you might be able to copy the JSON from one alert and add it programmatically.

thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.