Tiem zone error?

I have created some panels with values per day. Allthough the values on the axes show one date per bar, when I hover over the bars for example they show me something like 02-07-2020 02:00 03-07-2020 02:00
Why does it not show the same data as they are on the x-ais

I have set time zone to Europe/amsterdam

Check whether the timestamps in your back-end data store are in UTC.

If not, they need to be converted as Grafana reads them.

Grafana requires data store timestamps to be in UTC.

Aside from anything else, if you store timestamps in “local” time, this causes
problems when the clocks change in spring and autumn, and you get either an
artificial 1-hour gap in the data, or else you get an hour of overlapping
timestamps, neither of which make sense when represented in Grafana.



Hi @pooh -

I have a similar question, so I hope you don’t mind me pinging you directly. I have a python app which outputs timestamps in UTC like this:

id | time | temp | stream
1 | 2020-07-06 19:01:49.401201-06 | 25 | bf6d0222-ad5c-47ca-b290-718cfeb49870
2 | 2020-07-06 19:01:52.405514-06 | 27 | bf6d0222-ad5c-47ca-b290-718cfeb49870
3 | 2020-07-06 19:01:54.407612-06 | 29 | bf6d0222-ad5c-47ca-b290-718cfeb49870
4 | 2020-07-06 19:01:56.409863-06 | 31 | bf6d0222-ad5c-47ca-b290-718cfeb49870

When the panel is set to use browser time, I get no data. So I was messing around w/things and set the panel to use UTC time.

The panel time range which finds data is this:
2020-0707 01:00:00 to 2020-0707 01:25:00

The query explorer time range which finds data is this:
2020-0707 19:00:00 to 2020-0707 19:25:00

NOTE: I am in MDT, and the time when the data was taken was at about 1pm MDT. So why doesn’t the panel view UTC time match the query explorer UTC time? Or what am I missing?


I don’t agree that “2020-07-06 19:01:49.401201-06” is UTC.

The “-06” at the end indicates the timezone.

UTC is timezone “-00” using this terminology.

Your data store must contain UTC timestamps - in other words, no timezone
information. The timestamp must be the time in UTC, which, if you convert to
your timezone by applying the -06 offset, then comes out as your “local” time.

I hope that helps,


Hi Antony - Well, the postgres time columns are timestamp with time zone. So I started converting the naive UTC timestamps to include the timezone, and all is now working, even though the time data coming back looks like local time-06. I think that the point is not that the data that comes out is UTC time specific, but that all the data is stored the same on the DB, which is best as UTC. Fortunately, using timestamp with time zone, postgres does this conversion automagically. If I put in any timestamp with a timezone, even +00, it comes out as local time-6 (MDT).