The graph of zabbix is not displayed in grafana

Sorry for the poor English.

Can anyone tell me the solution method?
I am now trying to display the graph on zabbix with grafana.
Each version is as follows。

Zabbix 4.0.4
grafana 5.4.3
postgresql 11

However, the server that installs grafana is in an environment where access to the outside Internet can not be accessed.

So, once you have downloaded the required package to another server connected to the outside, it is installed on the target grafana server via mount.

Instead of using the [grafana - cli] tool, the zabbix plug - in was placed manually in the / var / lib / grafana / plugins / directory.
As a result, in the grafana graph, nothing is reflected in the CPU status of the zabbix server, and nothing is displayed in the host name.

The settings of grafana are as follows.

URL:[server IP]/zabbix/api_json.php
Basic Auth:check
◆Basic Auth Details
user:[System administrator authority user]
◆ Zabbix API details
Password:grafana password
Zabbix version:4.X

The grafana user created on the zabbix server gives only read access at creation time.

Please help me.

It is additional information.
The connection test from grafana to zabbix was successful.
However, the host name etc. are not displayed.