Tempo logs button/link with custom url?

Hello ,

I have seen in the following picture a nice feature to open logs from a service with tempo traces view :

We don’t have loki for our logs but, Is it possible to configure a template url for this link with trace id , and maybe a service name ?
For example http://mycustomlogs.com/search?traceid={traceid_from_click} ?


At the moment, 'Traces to logs` only supports using a datasource. The Grafana team is currently working on a PR to expand this feature to also allow linking to metrics.

The Grafana team will explore adding external links. Thanks!

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I wanted to check out the status of the PR mentioned. The PR link is no longer in your reply .Can you update the PR link ?

Here’s one of the trace to metrics PRs: Tracing: Add config for multiple named trace to metrics queries by connorlindsey · Pull Request #49007 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

The best way to track and prioritize this feature going forward would be to open a GitHub discussion. Could you do that here describing your use case? Discussions · grafana/grafana · GitHub