Telegraf-InfluxDB-Grafana -Unable to exploit UCD-SNMP-MIB from a remote server

I use the Telegraf InfluxDB Grafana Stack.
I work with the UCD-SNMP-MIB and I can Exploit almost each OID except the Load Average.
In the MIB this metrics “loadaverage” are under the laTable (. with the laLoad OID (.
The problem is that this oid returns the three values (1, 5, 15 minutes load average). So I tried the three OID :

Load 1 : .
Load 5 : .
Load 15 :…3
I can see these values in InfluxDB but I can’t display them (no data) on Grafana.
So I thought "may be it is because we have a table in a table and we can’t manage this case) …

Did someone tried to exploit load average with snmp ?

Thank you for your help !


If you use the influxdb shell and/or http api and query the data - do you see values for load 1, 5 and 15. If so, please show us the query you’re using in Grafana compared to when querying influxdb directly.