Tag Value for Singlestat

Hi, I was building a Dashboard for my UPS using telegraf and the apcups plugin and noticed that the status of the UPS is mapped as a TAG, is there a way to build a Singlestat for it? I was trying something like

> SHOW TAG VALUES FROM apcupsd with Key=status
name: apcupsd
key    value
---    -----
status ONLINE

But this seems to only work for a table… Any help is appreciated.


I’ve also tried to pull the data from my Home Assistant Influxdb data and still got the same NULL result :confused:

Trying on command line:

> SELECT "state" FROM "sensor.ups_status" WHERE ("entity_id" = 'ups_status')
name: sensor.ups_status
time                state
----                -----
1586606496812936192 ONLINE

But on Grafana it won’t show and I think its because it only updates on changes, so the timeframe will not capture it… :frowning: