Table with rows repeated from template variables

I’m using Grafana 6.2.5 with Prometheus, gathering stats from our VMWare cluster via the vmware_exporter.

The ESX dashboard (available on the Grafana site) populates the variable $hostname from the query “label_values(vmware_host_boot_timestamp_seconds,host_name)”, which produces an array “vm1”, “vm2”, “vm3”, and so on. It’s used to produce a dropdown list that lets you choose which blade’s stats you want to see.

However, I also want to produce a table panel that lists all the blades, and a count of the number of guests on that blade. I can easily do this on a one-by-one basis… for example, a singlestat panel that uses the query “count(vmware_vm_boot_timestamp_seconds{host_name=“vm1”})”

Is it possible to do this with a table? The table panel has an option “Repeating”, and that option does have “hostname” as one of the items in the dropdown, but changing anything about this configuration option doesn’t seem to alter the panel at all. And this option seems to be completely undocumented.

Am I missing or misinterpreting something about this field?

Nevermind… I saw the Repeating and got fixated on that. I can do it another way, simply by changing my Prometheus query to: “count(vmware_vm_boot_timestamp_seconds) by (host_name)”