Table with multiple queries not filling null values

I am trying to make a panel that shows me when a specific process on a certain host dies or is stopped. I have made this Table which almost works, but I can’t get it to show 0 instead of null when a process is stopped.
In this examlpe I have stopped the puppet service on the first VM, since InfluxDB doesn’t store null values the query inspector shows 1 less series in the last query which in the table is filled with a ‘-’.
As the image shows, I have set fill(0) on every query, but I don’t know what is Grafanas criteria to detect if there is a null value which needs filling or if it should be ignored. I think you need to have queries with multiple results for that?
Is there a way for me to achieve what I want? Any help is appreciated.

I have installed Boom Table plugin and now only have 1 query, but I still have the same problem transforming nulls.
I am using grafana-server Version 5.1.4 (commit: a5fe24fcc)
Influxdb-Version: 1.7.3

How does Grafana decide when there is a null value to show if InfluxDB doesn’t store null values?