Table with average Values

Hello everyone, I have finally completed the project weather station via my ioBroker.
I use a Sainlogic WS3200 which delivers all data to the ioBroker.

The logging and analysis of the data is done via Grafana in connection with InfluxDB. So far so good.

Now I would like to display three tables that show me the average temperature / the lowest temperature / and the highest temperature for each month of the year.

Like this:

Can you help me a little bit here. Grafana and influxDB is still new territory for me.

Many thanks already


This seems possible with using the state history panel and a sequence of value mappings. What does your data look like? Is that query working?

I am not sure you can build the 3 tables exactly as shown in your screenshot (with the months in columns and the years in rows). However, since you have successfully captured all of the data into a time series database (Influx), you can build a cluster of stat or gauge panels (or state history, as Matt suggested) and use the options in the right side (“Calculation”) set to Max / Min / Avg. In my example shown below, 203 F is the maximum temperature over the last 30 minutes. If I changed the time dropdown to 3 months, it would show the maximum temperature over the last 3 months.

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