Table with each row having measurement name and columns with fields

So I cant see a way to do this but here is the gist of what I am trying to do:

City Temp Rain Wind
New York 50 10 2
New Jersey 60 0 15

So the Measurement is CITY, and the fields are Temp, Rain, Wind.

Is there a way to do this? I don’t need avg, min max etc - just latest stored value.

Are you using influxdb?

In that case, can’t you use the last("<field>") function? Would help a lot if you include what kind of queries you’ve tried so far.

Yes, the data is in Influxdb. I don’t know how to phrase a query directly - so far i’ve been using Open-NTI for Juniper switch stats and for that its fairly basic.

Even if I could set the limits of a gauge dynamically and have a single stat gauge for each site - my stats are really more like 10 of 30 devices online, 2 in maintenance.

Well you could include screenshots

Of what? I’m asking if its possible to do a table containing a row per series with the columns being multiple different measurements. I cant get anything close as is. I’ll post the JSON data im feeding into influxdb soon.

I was thinking you had tried yourself to create such visualization in Grafana and then you could have included screenshot of what you have so far.

Here’s an example where my hostname tag would be your city.

Thanks heaps - this really helps. So if my hostname is stored where your logins.count is how do I display the FROM as a tag(hostname)? Or should I add it as a field?

This is what I got to work:

Your hostname must be a tag.