Table threshold coloring


I’m trying to get a column of values to change color but it is not working like it is on other columns. The difference in this column is that the values is how long from current time did a state change to a specific value. The units is set to seconds and I have an override for the _time column to pull last event plus setting the Unit to “From Now”. The result is a column showing “10 minutes ago” or “1 hour ago” etc.

When I add the override to change the background color based on thresholds all the rows show the same color regardless of the threshold I add. So if I add a threshold of 2701 to mark anything over 45 minutes ago as red, all cells go red whether they are above or below that threshold.

I suspect it has to do with the “From now” but not sure how to get around it or why that is causing an issue.

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