Table panel row value issue with InfluxDB

Hi there,

I want to create data links in a table panel. I’m getting my data from InfluxDB, and I’ve got a strange issue.

As you can see, I’m making a summary from my data. A row’s name (first column) is a tag in the Influx schema, and I setted the alias of it as the documentation mentioned.

My problem is that my tags in the rows are rendered in Value { tag } format. If I want to create a data link, my variable will contain the Value { tag } expression also which is a problem for me (on the next dashboard I want to use the variable as a query param).

Can you help me please what I’m doing wrong? Why is the Value { } expression appears at all in the table?

I figured it out. The cause was the reduce row transformation. I made a more specific query to influx and removed the transformation. Now everything works.