Table panel in Grafana

Hi everyone

I’m new with Grafana and I need some help with creating a table that could show me counts of state codes occured on different endpoints. It could look something like the table below but it’s not a condition.


I have the data parsed in elasticsearch and in Grafana I can group them by endpoint and state code…

Thanks for any advice :))

Hi, @vladp!

Is the very first row (excluding the title row) of table having some hardcoded values or do you fetch it too?

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Hey, thanks for your reply!

The first row could be both hardcoded or fetch. I mean I parse the log message for state code and end point so I can see which endpoint has which state code…

Are you really bound to elasticsearch only? It looks like to be a little bit tricky then. In that case, I would personally think of setting up a small API fetching the data from elasticsearch, transforming it to the form you want to display and then responding with json having that structure. On the Grafana side, you can use a simpleJson datasource plugin then.

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