Synthetic monitoring gives me unexpected "Received HTTP response" status_code=400

I am surprised to get a status code of 400 in synthetic monitoring when locally and on a remote server I get a status of 200. I made sure to use ip4 and even configured the url to be an ip, to avoid all potential problems. It is public, plain http, but behind a gce load balancer. Any experience with this status code? Thank you!

Hi Maxus, that’s definitely an odd error to receive. I recommend checking that there are no pending updates for the Synthetic Monitoring plugin, current version is 1.6.1. Then, double check for any syntax issues in the Synthetic Monitoring HTTP check that would result in a 400 Bad Request. If you don’t see any syntax issues, open a Support ticket so the team can take a closer look! I just tested now and you should be able to use a publicly accessible IP address for an HTTP check. Maybe the last thing to check would be any inbound firewall rules that might prevent Grafana IPs from accessing the site, though it sounds like you’ve already ruled that out.

Hi Melody, thank you for your quick answer! I checked the version to be 1.6.1 and did not see anything obvious. However, your post made me try to delete the old check and create a new one. This works fine now, also with dns as expected! I am glad it works, however sorry I cannot help identify the error anymore…

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Excellent! Perhaps something just went wrong when the first check was created, glad to hear it’s working now!