Suggestions about changes to Grafana 8

This is my suggestions about changes, that are necessary.

Visualization Table:

  • adding a row coloring (by value or text from column)
  • possibilty freeze some columns like in Excel
  • column name height (text in two rows in column name)

Time Series (Beta):

  • adding a stock columns
  • adding a stock columns without sum values ( I mean: If I have value 10 and 20, dashboard will show me from 0 to 10 orange color and from 10 to 30 green color, not like now, now show 0 to 10 orange color and from 10 to 20 green color)

This changes will help many peoples who using Grafana to display reports on the production.

Thanks for the suggestions! The best place to actually submit and discuss these is the Issues list on the GitHub repo (Issues · grafana/grafana · GitHub). Off the top of my head, at least a few of the suggestions you bring up are actually already on there - so you could upvote the existing issues in order to show your interest in them.

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