Suggestion for a New Grafana Plugin

I’m developing a service Flow Metrics Statistic on Thither.Direct .
You can view information on the service

There is already a user dashboard(graphs) on Thither.Direct.
While, if a user want to(or already) work with Grafana.
It will be great to have suggestion and recommendations for either it is better to have it as

  • a data-source plug-in (req. and data structure conversion) - more optimal for data-transfer rate

or should

  • the service to be ready as a data-source. - more optimal for dev. friendly

At the moment, there is a Python based library to work with the service, pushing and getting data

So, the main question, remains Is it preferred to have a datasource-plugin (NodeJS buildin) or a stand alone data-source service such as

I can have a test/demo account ready for Grafana demonstrations, in-case, for Grafana Dev. and plugin showcase and for any other case, I’ll be glad to consider.

Thank You,
Kashirin Alex