Strange JSON values


We’ve picked up something strange with the contents of the JSON file, when saved outside of Grafana. I have a number of SingleStat panels that have been copied from another one and then the relevant info changed. However, when the JSON nodes are examined, there seems to still be references to the original nodes. So, for example, I have a SingleStat panel called autot-orch-00001, that I copied to a panel called autot-ms-00001.

Part of the JSON for the resultant copied panel is :
“links”: [
“dashUri”: “db/autot-orch-00001”,
“dashboard”: “AUTOT-MS-00001”,
“targetBlank”: true,
“title”: “AUTOT-MS-00001”,
“type”: “dashboard”,
“url”: “/d/My-hgokWk/autot-ms-00001”

similarly, for another copy:

  "links": [
      "dashUri": "db/autot-aaps-00001",
      "dashboard": "Dell 1 Dashboard",
      "targetBlank": true,
      "title": "Dell 1 Dashboard",
      "type": "dashboard",
      "url": "/d/MPcsDaxiz/dell-1-dashboard"

Everything seems to be OK, so I’m assuming this could be a throw-over from upgrading from Grafana 4.6 to 5.2.4 but just need some verification.