Status History - There are too many data points to visualize properly

I have a dataset with a large number of rows containing data that I want to visualize in Grafana using a status history graph. However, when I select the graph in Grafana, I receive the message: ‘There are too many data points to visualize properly. Update the query to return fewer data points.’ Could you please suggest a solution or workaround for this issue? Thank you!

please share the schema of the table and the query you are using

7008 is a very small number of rows. once should be able to pull 100k rows in seconds

There are 13 columns and 7008 rows in the table having dataypes mainly double, text and a datetime column.

What’s the width of your monitor and how can you visualize 7008 points/rows on that width?

I would say anwer will be: I can’t. => don’t select so many rows, but use time aggregation. The result must contain a few rows (50-100) only.

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