State timeline doesnt show value mappings in graph

Grafana 8.3.3 / State timeline plugin.

Okay, so I’m using the state timeline plugin to display when my different heat pumps start and stop. I made some value mappings for the values that represent these different states. (60=running, 100=stopping, 20=stopped) But the value mappings don’t show up anywhere, I just get the numbers. I have learned now what the numbers mean, but how can I get the value mappings to show in the graph? Surely there must be a reason for the value mapping function to be included in the State timeline graph, or why would it be there?

You can see my value mappings here to the right, and that in the graph only the actual data values are shown, not the mappings. Is this a bug or is it me?

I noticed in your screenshot that it says 20+, 60+, etc. What is the “+” for? Maybe that has something to do with your value mappings not working correctly?

FWIW, here is my state timeline with value mappings working fine (I use boolean, not discrete values).

Hmm i think the + things comes from my threshold values, but I see you have no thresholds set. I’ll try to remove mine and see if it helps!

Yep! It works now, thanx! It seems If you use threshold values these numeric values will be displayed in the graph as 60+ for example, meaning “above 60” and override any value text mappings you’ve made.

I removed my threshold values completely and set the color scheme to be “single color” instead of derived from threshold values, and I then set the color in the Value mappings like you and Voila!

Thank you @grant2 !

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Awesome, glad it works. Please mark the above as Solution so others can find it in the future.

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Sorry for the late reply, I have now marked it as a solution!

Posting to say thanks for the fix. Changing the color scheme to “single color” resolved my issue as well.

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