Display Error when Value Mapping (but not when using a Threshold)

I’m having a display issue when I use Value Mapping on a State Timeline visualization.

As shown in this first picture, I am able to use the Query Inspector to show that I have some metrics that are either a 1 or a 0.

In my State Timeline display, I am able to view the metrics when I apply a Threshold. Note that in the right-side control panel, I’ve applied a Threshold such that any value >= 1 shows up as green. All good up to this point.

However, I want to use Value Mapping. So on the right-side control panel, I delete the Threshold and instead apply a Value Mapping such that all 1’s should be green and all 0’s should be red. For some reason, this triggers some display error that says Cannot Read Property Value of Undefined.

Is there some additional setting I’m missing that would cause a Threshold to work, but a similar Value Mapping to fail? Any help will be greatly appreciated as this is driving me crazy.

I think something changed in the Grafana code base that modified this issue. I am no longer getting the Cannot Read Property Value of Undefined error message. The metrics are showing, but I am only getting a < -infinity display metric (see picture).

I looked through the reported bugs to Grafana, and I found this issue which seems to be identical. I’m guessing it isn’t some issue with my settings. Looks to be an internal bug with the Grafana display.![grafana_infinity_bug|690x310]

can you link to the issue? :+1:

Solution: https://github.com/grafana/grafana/issues/40661#issuecomment-954598681

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