State timeline data link for drill down to details for the event

I’m trying to create a dash board for power quality and events. I’ve successfully created panels and other elements for the day to day monitoring. Now I’m trying to enable ‘click to know more’ like feature . Which can be possible in time series point and data link variable set up. where I can drill down to the events details by setting up another dashboard/panel using variable.

Is there any option like that for state timeline?? I tried with data link but it seems there is no way to click and redirect to another panel/table is available in grafana 8.X.

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i tried also to create data link with timeline but nothing works.
i think too this is not available.
i want get “from_time” and “to_time” when i select and clic on timeline’s zone ,in order to open
another dashboard with data during the period selected.

so i wish the future release will have these possibilities.

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I have a similar requirement