Graph Linking - Events - Updating - Context Aware Data

Firstly, sorry in advance if this is a duplicate post or the wrong forum. I am new to Grafana as of a few minutes ago. I’m looking to vet out some features that we have in our current system, and I want to see if its possible in Grafana. I’m not even sure what else to search to find the answer, I could be using the wrong terms altogether.

Basically we need to know if in our dashboard we can link data from one graph/panel to another so that when KPI points are clicked in one, and we drill that data point in deeper, we can also have a corresponding time series graph update to reflect the change in data in Panel A. Essentially using an event to recall an API based on selection, updating all graphs, or just particular ones.

I see that Grafana has custom integrations and we plan to use those for industry specific displays, but we would like Grafana to handle this linking of data as the core level so that the feature is implimented across the entire system and is easy for users to make such links.

Any help or direction would be appreciated, I could also pay for some consulting time if there are professionals here who are seasoned with the system.