Stat Visualization: field title


My configruation is like this:

  • Grafana 6.6.1
  • Datasource: Simple JSON
  • Database: Oracle OCI

The connection between Grafana and Oracle OCI works, because I have ohter panels that shows data out of my DB.

One of my panels shows the gender count in a department.
The field value shows ‘Total’ instead the ‘M’ or ‘F’.

These are not actual data that you see.

This is the JSON that is behind the panel

        "columns": [{
                "text": "Gender",
                "type": "string"
            }, {
                "text": "Total",
                "type": "number"
        "rows": [["M", 1], ["F", 5]],
        "type": "table"

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Just to let the communitiy know that after a lot of trials I found my solution. You have the put


in the title of the field.

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