Stat color is green when query returns no values

Hi all,

is it possible to change the color when the query returns no values?
At the moment the color is green but threshold is configured as base black and 1 blue, no green anywhere.
I’m not able to find an option to change this behaviour.

Thanks in advance!

You haven’t really given people enough information to help you. You have not said which version of Grafana you are using, the datasource you are using, the panel visualization you are using or the query you are using.

Hi codlord,

thanks for your answer… Sorry, this was really my first question in a forum like this.
But you are absolutely right that I gave you much too less informations about my problem.
I’ll try to improve my requests next time! :wink:

I’m using Grafan 7.1.1 with MS-SQL as datasource.
I use the stat panel and want the backgrund to be colored depending on a read out value.
But because I was not able to find a way to read two values from the DB from which I take one for the “text” on the panel and the other to change the background I went the way and made my query so that I just get a result, when the flag is set (hard to explain for me).

Thats the query I’m using currently
[Machine] = 526 and [Light_blue] = ‘true’

When I try this I didn’t found a way to set [Machine] result as text in the stat panel and use [Light_blue] to change the background color.
[Machine] = 526

I tried a lot to get this running like I want but I found no way… :frowning:
I’m open for any good ides to fix my problems! :slight_smile: