Stacked lines and bars

I have the graph below. The dots/lines represent the budget and the bars represent the spend.
Couple of issues:

  • The only way to show the line is using the stack option but by using the stack all tooltips on the dots-lines show the last month info, also they all become the same color
  • IDK why the bars occupy all available width, I have another graph and they don’t occupy that much space, the time coming from the query is 2019-03-01.

Having a hard time trying to figure out how to build this panel, the way Grafana manages the X-Axes is a pain in the bud. I would love to show the months on the X-Axes but if I do that Grafana treats March 2019 (for spend) and March 2019 (for budget) separately.

This is what happens if I change the X-Axes to Series so that months show up.

Any help is appreciated.