How to stack same x-axis values?

Is there a way to draw the below graph using the graph panel and get the x-axis values stacked on top of each other instead of being always displayed separately ?


  • Grafana version: 7.4.0

  • Data source type & version: Elasticsearch 7.0+

  • User OS & Browser: Windows Chrome/Firefox/Edge

Hi @fatimanb,

I’ve tried to recreate your table data using the Graph visualization. The two screenshots attached show the data with the “Stack” button both off and on:

Is this what you wanted to achieve?

The graph panel was originally designed to support time-series data. Grafana 8 will greatly expand support for non time-series visualizations and BI use cases. In the meantime, there are plugins like Plotly that you might want to explore.

Also, can you map your before/during/after labels to timestamps in your Elastic data? You will have much more success with the Graph visualization if your x axis is time.