Stacked graphs in v7.4.0

We recently upgraded to v7.4.0 from 7.3.5 and one of our stacked graphs is no longer showing correctly. It appears to be related to missing data points for some time periods for some series.!
Here is the non-stacked version.

Here is what it now looks like when the graph is stacked.

Changing the null value setting to "connected, “null”, or “null as zero” makes no difference.

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I have the same problem. I have upgraded to 7.4.5 from 7.2.0 and the staking feature doesn’t work.
I stak a signal with constant value=0 with a signal with a contant value=1 and the result is a signal fluctuating between 0 and 1, even with the option “null value connected”.
In the previous version it worked well.


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I found a work arround. As the “Null value connected” doesn’t work as previously, a make this work in the query, in this wayCaptura3
and now this is the result

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Yes, filling in the missing data with the previous value is probably a good fix, especially for cumulative data graphs like mine. I’m using an SQL data source, so I might need to look at doing something like this to fill in the gaps.