Unable to show null values as zero with variable query with stacked graphs

I’ve tried to search but can’t seem to find a reference for the problem I am having. I have some queries that are using a Group By (tag_device) and I am needing to show null as zero, but I cannot add the time filter and fill(null) or fill(0) options.

On the first two graphs, the queries are as follows:

SELECT “value” FROM “gpu_temp” WHERE (“host” =~ /^Worker/) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY “gpu_device”
SELECT “value” FROM “gpu_powerdraw” WHERE (“host” =~ /^Worker/) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY “gpu_device”

The third graph works properly with the following:
SELECT mean(“value”) FROM “current_hashrate” WHERE (“host” =~ /^Worker/) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time(5m) fill(0)

I have set the stacking/null options to “null as zero” in the display options, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference as the query is not interpreting the null/zero values when the rig is down. If there is a better way to accomplish a similar graph, please let me know.


As an update, it was pointed out to me that I was not using mean(“value”) on the other queries, which is why I was having the problems that I posted about. Once I changed how I was doing the query, I am no longer having the issue. Hopefully this will help others if they experience the same issue.