Stack function of time-series graph not working for Grafana-BigQuery

There seems to be a bug when it comes to stacking metrics on time series graphs. I am using Grafana v8.3.4 and my datasource is BigQuery.

For example, there are two errors at the same point in time, one behind the other: mediaError and networkError.

When I choose Stack Series “Normal” on the right, the points don’t stack :frowning: . I would expect the green mediaError at y=1 and the yellow networkError at y=2. Instead, the green mediaError is at y=0 and the yellow networkError stays at y=1.

How can I get the metrics to stack correctly?

@marianaavelino check out the github issue TimeSeries & BarChart: refactor stacking by leeoniya · Pull Request #47373 · grafana/grafana · GitHub, there are a few stacking bugs referenced there that should get incorporated into version 8.5.x