Sqlite datasource/plugin help

just installed grafana, even played around with the csv plugin which worked flawlessly.
but since cant query a csv file, i installed sqlite and its plugin.
my time series column is TEXT datatype with “YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS”, basically one of the easiest ISO8601 format, yet the plugin fails to recognize it (the content of that column disappear as soon as i set it to time series).

No timeseries;


Is there a possibility to bypass the “cleverness” of the plugin and spare it from relatively simple format conversion and define somewhere from my timestamp column? I am injecting it in that format i’ve mentioned as strings between “”.
I am a beginner everything (js/sql/grafana) but i’d like to learn grafana, it looks very good.
Thank you in advance.

Edit: I forgot to mention, despite the fact that I’m quering 2 columns, Grafana does not plot any lines, tried different visualizations.

I haven’t used the SQLite data source, but based on the docs it looks like you may need an RFC3339 compliant time stamp string - so maybe try appending “Z” to denote UTC time zone?

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Thank you, yes the “Z” did the trick.

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